Board & Staff

French American Charitable Trust Board of Directors

Caroleen A. Feeney
Danielle J. Feeney
Diane V. Feeney
Juliette M. Feeney-Timsit
Leslie D. Feeney-Baily
Patrick A. Feeney
Jean Karoubi
Peter Leighton
Mary Elizabeth Leighton
Bruce Hern (1991-2009)
Margaret Hern (1992-2009)
Arthur Leighton (1991-2002)

FACT Services Co., Inc.

FACT Services represents the French American Charitable Trust in the U.S. and France and provides the Trust with administrative and grant making recommendations.


Diane V. Feeney
President (1994-2013)
Laurent Janodet
Program Officer, France Program (1998-2013)
Laura Livoti
Senior Program Officer,
U.S. Program (2002-2011)
Christina Roessler
Managing Director,
U.S. Program (1994-2002)
Myra J. Bicknell
Administrative Manager,
U.S. Program (2004-2012)
Emily Goldfarb
Lead Consultant, Management Assistance
Program, U.S. Program (2004-2011)
Elizabeth Tan
Program Officer,
U.S. Program (2000-2002)
Amy Wills
Administrative Coordinator (1998-2002)
Beatrice Murch
Administrative Coordinator (2002-2004)
Keri Dunbar (1995-1997)
Lisa Brett (1997-1998)

FACT Board Advisors (2000-2002)

Rob McKay
McKay Foundation
Madeline Janis
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy